What I Read While on Hiatus

These past two months have been fairly good reading months. Reading without any kind of pressure has been a great feeling. While I haven’t really read anymore from the books I own, I utilized the library a lot. Mainly because I put a lot of holds on books that were on order and they suddenly became available one after the other.

I’m currently reading one of my last holds and I still have to stop myself from putting more on hold! Life of a reader, right?

What I Read

I read 13 books over the two months that were mostly emotional, lighthearted, and funny with some adventure and mystery thrown in. Most of them were fiction and were a mix of slow and medium paced. Genre-wise, as you can easily see, I read nonfiction to romance to contemporary fiction to historical adventure to speculative fiction. All but one of these were library books that I had put on hold at least a few months ago and one was an ARC.

Out of these three, I definitely enjoyed Beach Read the most. It’s the kind of romance I find myself leaning towards more and more. The Two Lives of Lydia Bird was a really beautifully written book about grief, relationships, and finding yourself again outside of someone else; my only dislike is that Lydia is written to take nearly the whole book to find her footing and leave the other world behind. The Geography of Bliss was a meh read/listen for me. There was a lot of interesting information presented from cultures around the world, but didn’t add anything new for me in the end.

Clearly I got into a romance mood. Plus at least two of these completed PopSugar Challenge prompts. I’m a sucker for a romance where our MC goes to another country to do something .. like grieve, or find herself. A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow was especially fun for me because I love to bake like Lila and I’m a tea drinker. And I have a soft spot for England. The Right Swipe was another PopSugar prompt read; I was also curious why so many really enjoyed this one. I did enjoy it though it wasn’t really a LOVE for me. The second in the series Girl Gone Viral, sadly, I did not really connect with.

I really enjoyed Ghosts .. there was a great parallel between being ghosted in modern dating and our MC dealing with her father’s Alzheimer’s. Having been ghosted myself in dating, it was really easy to connect to Nina. Yoke was a NetGalley ARC and it didn’t do anything for me. It didn’t add anything substantial to the genre of self-help and self-acceptance. She Who Became the Sun was not what I was expecting at all. It’s a very slow, intense and dense read. Sometimes too slow, but ultimately, I really enjoyed the whole of the story and definitely think it’s worth a read if you enjoy historical low fantasy and slower paced reads.

The Road Trip, with no surprise, was a great read! I’m really loving Beth O’Leary as an author and her ability to weave realistic issues into a contemporary romance! Another genre that I’m starting to want to wade into is cozy mysteries, especially centered around food and drink. I really enjoyed Arsenic and Adobo, which is the start of a new series. World of Wonders was a beautifully written and illustrated nonfiction where we learn about flora and fauna with anecdotes from the authors life gently weaved throughout. The only con for me is that it was a slower read.

Appleseed was the last book I finished in September. It’s part of an emerging speculative fiction sub-genre – eco-thriller. Being aware of our environment and climate is increasingly important and you see that in many books coming out. I’ve read a few and some could easily be placed under Dystopia but I think keeping it under speculative fiction makes more sense since some books look at the present and the future. Matt Bell takes you through a portion of the past to the semi-present (a few decades from now) and into the far future. This book is quite the ride and I enjoyed it a lot but not sure it’s for everyone.

What I’m Currently Reading

Reading Plans for October 2021

Currently, the only definite plan I have is to read my last library hold, which is The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang. After that, I’m not sure what I’ll be in the mood for. I do have several ARCs that I need to read plus a few books that would be perfect for October. I guess I’ll just have to see.

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