Blog Post Round Up | October 2021

And it’s November. I know I always say something similar, but I can’t believe that it’s already a new month AND that we’re just two months away from the new year. From 2022! It still feels like I’m in 2020 sometimes.

October is the month that I came back to blogging including reading all of your wonderful posts after a two month hiatus. In addition to some great reading recommendation lists for spooky season there were some interesting discussion posts. There were also some really interesting (and exciting) news article that are linked at the end.

I’m sorry if I missed anyone’s post that they would love shared. It’s hard to follow so many sites and the posts that get published. If you want to share a post or a news article, please link it in a comment!

The Blog Posts

Georgiana at Reader’s High Tea talks Why you should read stories about cultures that are different from your own.

Reading Between the Dunes lists some great dark academia book recs as well as wintry novels to snuggle up with.

Sofii at A Book. A Thought. published some great spooky season themed post. She provides some great YA horror reads and Adult horror reads for spooky season. Definitely saving for next year! She also lists books from one of my favorite genres, Mystery/ Thriller – she lists her faves, ones on her TBR, and new releases.

CW @ the Quiet Pond gives us 8 Latine Contemporary and Coming-of-Age Stories book recommendations.

Meeghan at Meeghan Reads discusses and recommends books that are inspired by Slavic lore.

Charvi at Not Just Fiction discusses Why I Don’t Buy Book Boxes Anymore.

The Orangutan Librarian lists her top British thriller books. I keep seeing Alice Feeney and Lucy Foley’s names .. might need to check them out soon.

Ashmita at The Fictional Journal gives poetry recommendations for people who don’t read poetry.

Hannah at Sprinkled With Words discusses why an e-reader should be added to our library. You should also check out her NaNoWrMo prep series.

Nyx at Drizzle and Hurricane Books gives 5 reasons why she likes chick-lit.

Kat at Life and Other Disasters lists spooky books that didn’t giver her nightmares.

Stephanie at Adventures of a Bibliophile lists 10 Weird & Spooky Books to Add to Your Halloween Reading List.

Malka at Paper Procrastinators discusses the different types of bookstores and if they serve different purposes.

Marie at Drizzle and Hurricane Books discusses how to take better care of your mental health as blogger.

Alicia at Kernel of Nonsense gives her list of October fright book recommendations that will keep you all night.

New Blogger Alert

Julian at Front 2 Back Reviews

In Other News


CNN: Solange launches a library for rare books by Black authors


The Wall Street Journal: Overwhelmed by Social Media, Cybersecurity and Other Tech Topics? Read These Books.

The Atlantic: The Self-Help That No One Needs Right Now

Chicago Tribune: Column: Books vs. Twitter! We are reading more but there’s still room to grow

InsideHook: The 12 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books That You, an Adult, Should Absolutely Read

Forbes: Melinda French Gates Launches Women-Focused Book Imprint

Vox: The great book shortage of 2021, explained

Publisher’s Weekly: Where Have All the Midsize Book Publishers Gone?

Forbes: This Founder Created A Social Media Platform For Authors That Aims To Disrupt The Publishing Industry

Screen Rant: 10 Best Fantasy And Sci-Fi Books With Upcoming TV And Movie Adaptations


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