2021 Goals and Resolutions | How Did I Do?

Being about a week into 2022 (still mind boggling that we’re here in 2022) it’s time to look back on my 2021 goals and resolutions and see if I accomplished what I set out to do. Usually I do well with maybe a few goals, but many are contingent on me making something a habit, which is harder for me and so I don’t complete that particular goal or resolution.

But that’s okay, but I still think that the whole process contributes to growth (hopefully).

Goals and Resolutions | Non-Bookish

Add at least one additional workout to my current 2x a week routine

Yeah this didn’t really happen. I did do yoga few times, but I would rather find a way to safely go into a studio. I also didn’t hike as much as I thought I would have.

Continue to save money each month

I did do a lot of saving in 2021 just not as much I had hoped.

Declutter my closet and dresser

Because of COVID, I thought I would push this to another time.

Travel/ Take a trip

I did do a road trip! It was a lot of fun, I got to see a few National Parks for the first time and take photos. I ate and drank at new places … it was great.

Cook a new recipe each month

Definitely did not happen haha.

I did 2 out of 5 .. not terrible I would say.

Goals and Resolutions | Bookish

Make 2021 a (mostly) book buying ban year

I definitely stuck to only buying books for my birthday and a couple ebooks in December. Overall, I mostly read books and audiobooks from the library or ARCs.

Read 75%-100% of books off my backlist

Looking at just my owned books, I failed. Only 12.6% of books read in 2021 were ones that I owned. However, if I’m looking at my general backlist, I would say a win since 78 or 70.3% of my reads were published 2020 or earlier.

Increase my diverse reads to at least 25-50%

This was mainly for me to read more BIPOC authors … I didn’t quite make it with only 20.7% of authors read being BIPOC. However, it is an increase from where I was at for 2020.

Buy bookshelves!

Yes! Finally! I was waiting for the Ikea shelves I really wanted, but with everything backordered or whatever, I caved and bought shelves from Target that there almost the same size. Overall, I’m just really happy to have shelves to put my books on.

Start a monthly ‘what are you reading’ get together with my girlfriends

Completed and still going! It’s also a general catch up call, but it’s been really great to get together with whoever can each month.

While I technically didn’t complete all 5 of my bookish goals, I still say I did great as I definitely completed 3.

Not too bad even though I really only completed 50% of my all my goals. Still better than 0!

How did you do with your 2021 goals and resolutions?

5 thoughts on “2021 Goals and Resolutions | How Did I Do?

  1. […] While on hiatus a few months ago I’ve learned to really dive into reading and just enjoy it (again) without having any kind of pressure on me. Even though last year saw me starting wrap up posts and monthly TBRs, as I move forward I want to be more intentional. I want to focus more on my reading mood. I did 3-4 reading challenges in 2021 and while it was fun and helped me with focusing my reading, it was still a lot. It was nice to see, however, that I did pretty well when it came to my goals and resolutions for 2021. […]


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