My Thoughts on Being a Mood Reader

I always thought I was a .. list reader? Not sure what the opposite of a mood reader is, but I totally thought I was it. I have my TBR list on Goodreads that I always seem to be adding to, I would choose a few that I wanted to read next and I would read them.

Over the last few years, however, as I started to blog more, find new books, and read other blogs, I found myself picking up books based on the genre or what I thought I was going to get from the book.

And so I became (or maybe already was?) a mood reader.

What is a mood reader? According to Book Riot:

A mood reader is a person who reads according to their mood. This means that their feelings and emotions often dictate what they’ll read. If they’re feeling happy and want to bask in that happiness, they choose a book or genre that will tie in with that feeling. If they’re feeling upset or angry, they may opt for a heart wrenching period drama or a dystopian thriller. The books could serve to expand an emotion or to comfort the reader. Either way, a mood reader selects and reads books based on how they are feeling at any given moment.

The author of the article does go on the say that they typically of mood readers as jumping from one genre to another (which is usually what I think). There could also be someone that goes by tropes or maybe even type of setting.

Obviously, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter what kind of reader you are or aren’t or even if you call yourself a certain type of reader … as long we’re reading what we want.

But I do find myself having frustrations over being more of a mood reader.

Mostly, I sometimes get frustrated that I suddenly find myself in a certain mood for longer than I anticipated, which makes it harder to move to another mood and/or genre. Take now for example, I’ve been deep in a romance mood for at least a month. However, I just got a library hold that isn’t romance based and I worry that it’s going to take too long to get into this other book (which is a new release and I don’t want to have to wait forever to get my chance to read it haha).

Ultimately, I know I’m probably stressing too much over this, but with the common problem of so many books, so little time, I still worry and will still get frustrated.

All of this does make me wonder though, is there a good way to transition from one mood to the next? Is it taking a small break from reading?

have you done anything in particular for when you go from one mood to the next? or is it that you suddenly find yourself in the next mood?

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Being a Mood Reader

  1. I struggle with this too! If it’s a library book, usually I just let the hold lapse and hope that the next time it comes available to me, that’s the mood I’m in lol


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