2022 Goals and Resolutions | How Did I Do?

Goals and Resolutions are always a huge topic in the start of a new year. While some feel the pressure to makes new years resolutions and goals, others love it. I think I’m in the middle somewhere. I like to look forward and try to imagine what I would like the year to look like, in both my reading and non-reading parts of my life. Sometimes I go too ambitious, which I think might have been true for 2022.

I guess we’ll see!

2022 Bookish Goals and Resolutions

Make 2022 another book buying ban. I nearly made it! I gave in when Barnes and Noble had their book haul event in September and Book Outlet was also having a good sale plus I went to my library’s annual book sale event. I did have a gift card for B&N, so I only ended up spending about $35 of my own money at all three places and got 14 books. I think I’ll make this a half win.

Read at least 50% off my TBR Backlist by end of year. I barely made this one coming in at 50.4%. I was definitely hoping that I would have read more than my goal, but I’ll take reading exactly 50%.

Read all of my owned unread books. At the time of writing this goal, I owned 30 physical books that I hadn’t read yet. While I read 24 books that I owned, most of those were ebooks and not all were bought before 2022. I only ended up reading 10 of my physical books, which is not great, but I think I’m just glad that I read a good chunk of my owned books.

Read all of my ARCs and try to keep requesting at a minimum. I definitely achieved half of this! Out of the 5 ARCs I had, I read 3 of them. And I think I only requested somewhere in the 3-5 books range and was rejected for all of them, which I found myself grateful for.

Read at least 25% of BIPOC authors by end of year. I didn’t achieve this one. I only ended up reading barely 15% BIPOC authors.

Simply read more. I would say I definitely made this goal/ resolution as I was able to read 135 books. I definitely take advantage of living alone and the time before bed to read.

Non-Bookish Goals and Resolutions

Take a walk every week day. I did really well with this one for a couple months and then summer hit and I just couldn’t with the heat. I did however switch to seeing a personal trainer each week which also has immense benefits.

Stretch every day. I definitely do not stretch everyday. I maybe do an average of once a week, twice if I’m good. I need to find a way to incorporate more stretching into my life.

Save as much as I can each month. I had really good months and not so good months with this goal. I think I hit in the middle for this one.

Renovate my kitchen and bathroom. Since I didn’t save as much I wanted to, I did not get to renovate in 2022.

Complete a writing certificate course (for work). I did complete this one! It was a very basic course, but I’m glad that I took the time to do it.

Write a 2 and 5 year life plan. I’m pretty sure I made this goal at the start of last year and then promptly forgot. It’s still something that I think I want to do, but maybe I won’t put pressure on completing it.

Get serious about dating. My anxiety definitely became bigger as the year went on. There were unexpected personal life lows that put things like dating at the lowest priority.

Looking at the stats, I didn’t do all that well with my goals and resolutions, particularly my non-bookish ones. However, I’m not going to worry about it. I think it just shows me that I want more simplicity and to not put things on my plate that I’m not 100% sure about. No one needs that kind of pressure in their life. You can find some in depth stats on my reading for 2022 with my End of year Survey post.

how did you do with your 2022 goals and resolutions?

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