30 Things Before 30

On a June day in 2016, I celebrated my 25th birthday. Which means that I will celebrate my 30th in 2021.

The months leading up to this seemingly momentous day, I decided to make and undertake a 30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30 list. Since then, I think I’ve only been able to do one or two. I won’t do a post for everything, but I hope to at least do updates on this page. This is probably cheating, but I have since made slight edits to the list. I wanted to make sure they were all feasible as well as things that made sense for a bucket list of sorts. Below is my current list and any notes on whether I completed it or currently in the process.

  1. Run the following races
    • Run a Rock n Roll Half
    • Run a Disney race
  2. Visit at least three US national parks
    • i.e Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, Joshua Tree, etc
      • One down! I finally got to visit Zion National Park!
        Completed: April 2017
      • Second one down! Finally got to Rocky Mountain National Park! Completed: September 2019
      • Third (and fourth and fifth) done – Arches, Canyonlands, Grand Canyon. Completed May 2021
  3. Hike Havusupai
  4. Travel to one new country
    • i.e. Iceland? Thailand? South America?
  5. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  6. Write a book
    • I can’t believe I actually did this! I did it all through Wattpad. I know it’s not that great to try to get published, but that’s totally okay! It was a struggle towards the end, but I definitely felt accomplished and now I know I can do it. Completed: November 2016
  7. Move out of my parent’s house
  8. Move to a new city 
    • So #s 7 & 8 go hand in hand. I finally moved out of my parent’s house by moving to not only a new city, but a new state!
      Completed: April 2017
  9. Take the GRE
  10. Live alone Completed April 2020
  11. Host a dinner party for friends
  12. See the northern lights
  13. Watch a meteor shower
  14. Travel somewhere solo at least once
    • Technically, I’ve done this. I traveled by myself to Portland several times last summer and stayed by myself. However, it isn’t the type of trip that I was thinking.
    • Done! I did a solo road trip through central/ eastern Oregon by myself. Completed July/August 2019
  15. At least try to learn a new language
  16. Do a DNA Genealogy test
    • Finally did this! I did Ancestry DNA and the National Geographic Geno 2.0 tests. Learned a lot of interesting facts about my DNA and possible ancestors!
      Completed August 2018
  17. Go backpacking
  18. Road Trip
    • Not sure if it counts, but my best friend and I did a road trip of sorts from California to Colorado stopping in Las Vegas, Zion, Grand Junction, CO, Glenwood Springs, CO and ending in the Boulder, CO area.
      Completed: April 2017
  19. Visit New England in the fall
  20. Attend a Pro sports game in the following: Bonus if I can do the Soccer World Cup in 2018, World Series, Stanley Cup, or Superbowl
    • BaseballI’ve gone to two Colorado Rockies games (so far) with two more in the plans! Completed: May and June 2017
    • FootballI finally got to my first NFL game! Go Broncos! Completed: Sept 2017
    • Hockey (for 2nd time) – My 1st was a San Jose Sharks game in 2015; My 2nd game was a CO Avalanche game. Completed: Jan 2018
    • Soccer – I also excitedly got to go to a Colorado Rapids game last month too. I definitely hope to go to more 🙂 Completed: May 2017
  21. Take a non academic class (pottery, baking, cooking, photography etc.)
    • Took a couple photography classes – Completed September 2020
  22. Send a handwritten letter to all friends that I have a current address for
    • I am currently in the process of doing this. I wrote and sent two letters in October 2016. I still have several friends to write letters to though.
    • I feel that I have done this by sending Christmas cards every year with different notes in them for the past several years Completed January 2019
  23. Learn how to ice skate
  24. Help plan and go on a Blue House girls getaway trip
  25. Finish the Waterstones 50 books to read list 
    • You can see my progress here.
  26. Create and stick to a beauty (hair, skin, etc) routine that works for me
    • I kind of started this, but it has yet to be perfected.
    • Finally got a hair routine! Completed: April 2018; May 2021
  27. See at least one of the following bands in concert
    • See The Lumineers in concert
    • See Mumford and Sons in concert Completed August 2019 in PDX
    • See The National Parks in concert
  28. Attend a book convention/ conference
  29. Start investing my money
    • So I actually decided to do a money market account instead, which is lower risk, but I still get a great APY. 
      Completed Sept 2018
  30. Throw a big bash for my 30th


  1. Become a SoleMate or Ambassador for Girls on the Run
    • Just started the process to become an Ambassador for Girls on the Run of the Rockies! Completed January 2019
  2. Go camping at least three times in three different places