30 Things Before 30

On a June day in 2016, I celebrated my 25th birthday. Which means that I will celebrate my 30th in 2021.

The months leading up to this seemingly momentous day, I decided to make and undertake a 30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30 list. Since then, I think I’ve only been able to do one or two. I won’t do a post for everything, but I hope to at least do updates on this page. This is probably cheating, but I have since made slight edits to the list. I wanted to make sure they were all feasible as well as things that made sense for a bucket list of sorts. Below is my current list and any notes on whether I completed it or currently in the process.


  1. Run the following races
    • Run a Rock n Roll Half
    • Run a Disney race
  2. Visit at least three US national parks
    • i.e Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, Joshua Tree, etc
      • One down! I finally got to visit Zion National Park!
        Completed: April 2017
  3. Hike Havusupai
  4. Travel to one new country
    • i.e. Iceland? Thailand? South America?
  5. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  6. Write a book
    • I can’t believe I actually did this! I did it all through Wattpad. I know it’s not that great to try to get published, but that’s totally okay! It was a struggle towards the end, but I definitely felt accomplished and now I know I can do it. Completed: November 2016
  7. Move out of my parent’s house
  8. Move to a new city 
    • So #s 7 & 8 go hand in hand. I finally moved out of my parent’s house by moving to not only a new city, but a new state!
      Completed: April 2017
  9. Take the GRE
  10. Live alone
  11. Host a dinner party for friends
  12. See the northern lights
  13. Watch a meteor shower
  14. Travel somewhere solo at least once
  15. At least try to learn a new language
  16. Do a DNA Genealogy test
  17. Go backpacking
  18. Road Trip
    • Not sure if it counts, but my best friend and I did a road trip of sorts from California to Colorado stopping in Las Vegas, Zion, Grand Junction, CO, Glenwood Springs, CO and ending in the Boulder, CO area.
      Completed: April 2017
  19. Visit New England in the fall
  20. Attend a Pro sports game in the following: Bonus if I can do the Soccer World Cup in 2018, World Series, Stanley Cup, or Superbowl
    • BaseballI’ve gone to two Colorado Rockies games (so far) with two more in the plans! Completed: May and June 2017
    • FootballI finally got to my first NFL game! Go Broncos! Completed: Sept 2017
    • Hockey (for 2nd time) – My 1st was a San Jose Sharks game in 2015; My 2nd game was a CO Avalanche game. Completed: Jan 2018
    • Soccer – I also excitedly got to go to a Colorado Rapids game last month too. I definitely hope to go to more :) Completed: May 2017
  21. Take a non academic class (pottery, baking, cooking, photography etc,)
  22. Send a handwritten letter to all friends that I have a current address for
    • I am currently in the process of doing this. I wrote and sent two letters in October 2016. I still have several friends to write letters to though.
  23. Learn how to ice skate
  24. Help plan and go on a Blue House girls getaway trip
  25. Finish the Waterstones 50 books to read list 
    • You can see my progress here.
  26. Create and stick to a beauty (hair, skin, etc) routine that works for me
    • I kind of started this, but it has yet to be perfected.
    • Finally got a hair routine! Completed: April 2018
  27. See at least one of the following bands in concert
    • See The Lumineers in concert
    • See Mumford and Sons in concert
    • See The National Parks in concert
  28. Attend a book convention/ conference
  29. Start investing my money
  30. Throw a big bash for my 30th


  1. Become a SoleMate or Ambassador for Girls on the Run
  2. Go camping at least three times in three different places