Post Schedule

Want to know when I write and publish certain posts? You’ve found the right page!

It took me awhile to realize that creating and sticking to a post schedule would be beneficial for this blog and help me keep on top of the posts that I wanted to write and publish.

At first, I mostly did book reviews back when I wanted a place to talk about the classic books that I was reading until I discovered the amazing blogging/ book community and steadily grew my blog.

While I do everything I can to post on time according to this schedule, there will be times when my real life gets busy and in the way. I’m hoping that these occurrences will be uncommon.

The Post Schedule


Twice a month; 2nd & 4th Sun: Baking posts



Weekly: Top Ten Tuesday


Twice a month; 1st & 3rd Wed: Bookish Thought


Whenever: Book Tags (dependent on when I get tagged)


Weekly: Down the TBR Hole (while active)


Twice a month; 2nd & 4th Sat: Babbling posts

As you can see, I don’t have posts published every week for every day or generally even all the days of the week. Because each month isn’t a perfect full four weeks, I will be trying to make sure that the weeks that have my Babbling and Baking posts will be on the alternate week from my Bookish Thought and Friday Finds posts.

One thing to note is that book reviews are usually published on any of the empty days at any given time. I don’t do a set schedule for those. If I don’t have a tag for Thursday, I may have a book review instead. Same goes for other book related posts that don’t fall under one of the categories.

Right now, Babbling posts (ie Coffee Date) are also whenever I have something to write about and post. However, I hope to come up with more content for this category to post twice a month, hopefully, on Saturdays. These will probably be more centered around my personal life, especially as a woman in her twenties. I have not decided yet if I will separate out my running and health posts from the general Babbling posts; I will update my schedule accordingly if need be. Same goes for Coffee Date posts.