Retribution Rails by Erin Bowman

When I heard that Erin Bowman was writing Retribution Rails, a companion novel to her Vengeance Road, I was beyond excited pick it up and enter her Wild West world again. I've always loved a good Western story (it all started with Clint Eastwood movies) and I refound that love with Bowman's Vengeance Road. It … Continue reading Retribution Rails by Erin Bowman


Down the TBR Hole | Vol. 40

It's been a month since I've done this post. I'm coming close to being at the end of this post series (for at least a while) since I'm a little over 200 books away from the current end. Since I've started doing this post series, I've been a lot more aware of what books I … Continue reading Down the TBR Hole | Vol. 40

Bookish Thought: Sensitivity & ‘Cancel Culture’ in Literature

This may end up being a unpopular opinion post though I'm not sure. Let's just hope that no one attempts to 'cancel' me for writing this. With all the changes, good and bad, happening across the political and cultural landscapes in the US (I can't speak for other countries of course), I think it's great … Continue reading Bookish Thought: Sensitivity & ‘Cancel Culture’ in Literature