That Moment Where Your Confidence Starts to Slip

You never expect your day to be stressful or to think that things may not turn out the way you thought when you wake up in the morning. I certainly didn't think so this morning. As of right now, I am still happy with my decision to move to a new state. But that doesn't … Continue reading That Moment Where Your Confidence Starts to Slip


My Gemini Horoscope: June

It's been months since I've done a horoscope post - the last time I did this was in October 2016. While I never intended or planned to do this kind of post every month, I figured I would at least do them closer together. Oh well. Again, I just like to do this posts every … Continue reading My Gemini Horoscope: June

Uphill Battle

For the past several months, I felt like I was steadily, though slowly, making my way towards my goal of moving to a new city this March (2017). There have been some low moments of allowing myself to overthink things, get worried and anxious. I took a short break around the holidays and now recently … Continue reading Uphill Battle