The Story: Mentality

Mentality: mental capacity and/or the set of one’s mind; view; outlook (from

May is Mental Awareness Month. I have seen a few people on Facebook post various commentaries on their personal experiences.

I have decided to write a small blurb about my experience as well. (I already wrote a lot on my experience, which you can find under the post 100HappyDays).

During my last year of college I accepted the fact that I had mild depression. However, since moving back home to Southern California from Oregon (Go Beavs!), I have discovered that sun exposure is a huge factor to my mood. It still wasn’t the only one though.

I am much happier now, for a few different reasons – l’m getting more sun exposure, I’m closer to family, I started reading for leisure more frequently, and I try to just have more of a positive outlook everyday in general. It’s an ongoing process, but being happy isn’t a destination, it’s all about the journey.

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling” – Margaret Lee Runbeck

This is something that I have to remember constantly. I am constantly learning what makes me happy and what doesn’t. And who knows, these things might change over the years.

Being happy or being in a good mood or place isn’t the only part of wanting to have a healthier and fitter mind. I also want to continue learning new things over time, even if it is something as simple as learning a new word and its definition. Even if something that I learn is irrelevant and doesn’t impact me in a huge way, I am still learning.

The world and its people have so many wonders and so much knowledge to teach us, we should take advantage of that more often!!


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