To Do or Not To Do: DNF’ing ARCs

I thought of this discussion post idea as I was reading Orangutan Librarian’s post about How to DNF. It popped into my head because I’m currently reading an Indie book that the publisher emailed me about reading and reviwing. Technically, I got it before it published, though I think it was done with editing process.

The problem is that the book just isn’t for me, for various reasons, but I feel bad when I start thinking about just not finishing it.

I’ve found a few other posts from other bloggers that have posed this same question. Looking at other blogger’s comments in response, most agree that it’s okay to DNF an ARC. Though many have not had to make that decision yet. We tend to request books that we think we like. Or in my case, agree to read and review based on the blurb that someone emails me. However, that doesn’t guarantee that I will love the book that I get approved for or agree to read and review.

I think it’s okay to DNF an ARC. However, I would still be thoughtful of requesting books or agreeing to read a book for a review. Just because I would be okay with DNF’ing an ARC doesn’t mean that I should ask and accept any and all ARCs. I also might give the books to page 30 or 30% (depending on format) before officially deciding to DNF.

At the end of the day, my TBR list is staying in the 800s and I want to be able to read the majority of them. Life is too short to read a book you don’t like.

What do you think? Is it okay to DNF an ARC, no matter the avenue in which you got it? Let me know in a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “To Do or Not To Do: DNF’ing ARCs

  1. Totally hear you- life’s too short to keep reading things you’re not enjoying! And while I do also find it’s a tougher decision when it is an ARC- but I think it’s okay to do it (though think it’s a good idea to be thoughtful about it). Great discussion! Thanks for linking to my post!

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  2. I have been a reviewer for a few years now, and I’m definitely past the time where requesting all the ARCs was a thing, nowadays I only request books I want to read, but there are still ARCs I will DNF. I’m currently reading two ARCs which I put down multiple times, I can’t concentrate on the story, and skip paragraphs – I rather DNF now, then drag it out. In the end my review will reflect my mood, and I can’t give books a positive review if I had the hardest time finishing it, and that isn’t fair to the author either.

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