Friday Finds #18

Happy Friday! Friday means it's time for a Friday Finds post. I like doing this post, but not weekly. So if you visit my Post Schedule page (which you can also find in my menu bar), you'll see I created a posting schedule that I am determined to keep to. Anyways, on to the recent … Continue reading Friday Finds #18


Friday Finds #17

It's been just under a month sine my last Friday Finds, but as fellow bookworms I'm sure you know that with that span of time, so many books can be added to your TBR list. I know my TBR list has a lot of new additions - including those I found at a Barnes and … Continue reading Friday Finds #17

Friday Finds #14

It's finally Friday! Woohoo!! While I am at work (shh don't tell), it isn't very busy today considering most people are either off work because of the long holiday weekend or are working from the comfort of their home (I'm so jealous). I'm taking what advantage I can since this weekend is all about moving … Continue reading Friday Finds #14