The Sorry, I’m Booked 2017 Monthly Reading Challenge

I started playing around with this idea a few months ago and finally completed it! When I first started creating this reading challenge, I was thinking of the various national and international days that are in each month and thought it would be fun to create reading prompts inspired by those days.

I almost didn’t keep it separated by month, by I decided to keep it that way since my original thought was having the goal of reading particular books each month. I think I came up with some really fun ideas for each month, but before we jump into that, let me explain the rules that I will be following.

The Rules

  1. Read the three books each month in any order
  2. Books can be used across other reading challenges
  3. Post a review for each book

If I have to, I will make up a book I missed in one month in the next month because ultimately I want to read books for every prompt. But I hope I’ll be able to stay within each month because I think it’ll be more fun that way.

The Prompts


I know that this is similar to the PopSugar reading challenge, but I hope with it being monthly and inspired by certain days, it’ll be a little different. I also hope that I own a good portion of these books already haha.

If this is a reading challenge that you would like to participate in, just leave a comment so I can keep my eye out for your review posts! You can also link a post about doing this reading challenge or any future reviews back to this post.

Happy Reading!

~ Nicole



5 thoughts on “The Sorry, I’m Booked 2017 Monthly Reading Challenge

  1. […] Something new that I decided to do is create my own reading challenge for 2017. The reading prompts are inspirited by national (USA) and international days in each month. I will be doing a separate post with the prompts, rules, etc. for anyone else that wants to do it. I went with an easy title: Sorry, I’m Booked 2017 Monthly Reading Challenge. […]


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