The Road to Living the Happiest Life Possible

This is a Babbling post, a type of post where I talk about or share non-book and non-baking related topics. Babbling posts will be published on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month

Ever since I (finally) got hired on a permanent basis at my current job, I’ve set myself to become more mindful about various aspects of my life like working out again on a regular basis, being more mindful about what I eat, and learning about what I can do to stay happy and productive at work as well as outside of work.

While I would say that I’m generally happy the majority of days, I tend to have more issues surrounding not letting various things in and outside of work overwhelm me and put me at my ‘what I can handle stress-wise’ max. Since my job hasn’t gotten too complicated (yet), I’ve been trying not to go into stress overload when it comes to more personal/ life decisions. Like buying a new car.

I will admit that I was struggling to figure out what topic I wanted to write about for this Babbling post. I figured I would do something related to adulting, but as I was scrolling through different articles on different news sites, I found this great one on Huffington Post Health: All The Secrets To Living A Happier Life, In One Helpful Chart by Lindsay Holmes.

Holmes introduces the site Happify and their recent research into living a happier life all provided in an easy to read and understand infographic (which is provided below).

I’ll be honest, Happify sounded familiar, but I can’t say that I actually knew what it was, but it does sound like something that I would be interesting to check out. Especially since right on their homepage it says it big letters: Overcome stress and negative thoughts. Build resilience.

Definitely something that I could always benefit from.

I have started working out again, but I’m not quite to the level of it being a habit yet, but I have at least started to set myself up for success in this whole topic. I can only hope that it works out the way I want it to. And I hope that everything will lead to less stress and more happy.

I will say that a lot of what is written and illustrated throughout the infographic is what some may say is common sense. However, something I learned from the book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor (which I’m currently reading) is that common sense does not equate common action.

It’s one thing to know and another to do. You can think about all the ways you can get happier, but unless you put words into actions, you might not get very far. At least that’s how I’ve understood and interpreted this from the book as well just I how I see it in general.

One thing I did find really interesting is that while it obviously would vary from person to person, it’s 50% biologically determined over 40% controlled by our thoughts, behaviors, and actions. I definitely would have thought that it would be the other way around if only because the power of your thinking is way higher than most think it is.

So go ahead and scroll through the infographic and see what the science of happiness is all about.

Don’t forget to comment at the end: give me your thoughts on all of this and anything you might do different that brings happiness in your life.

happify infographic

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