Romance Books I’m Highly Anticipating This Year | 2022

Sticking with the love theme, I’m going to talk about the romance books that I’m (barely) patiently waiting to be released. I don’t always find new books that I want to read months before, especially with romance. Typically, when I get in a romance mood, I don’t always have a book already picked out. So then I’m looking through Goodreads or searching for other’s lists of books I can’t miss out on.

I think because I have a couple favorite authors and I’ve read a couple series starters, I have more than usual on my TBR that are slated for release this year. And I’m sure there are many I’ve missed!

The Books

I think I’m the most excited for Ali Hazelwood’s next release … I thoroughly enjoyed her first full novel and can’t wait to see what this next book delivers. There is of course Emily Henry’s and Beth O’Leary’s next books that I’m sure won’t disappoint!

What romances are you excited for?

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