Bookish Thought: Stuck in the Opposite of a Reading Slump

I know, I know. That title is a weird one and seems confusing. It makes sense to talk about being in a reading slump, but not when you’re in the opposite of a reading slump. Especially when I put the word stuck in the beginning.

We all know what it means to be in a dreaded reading slump. It’s a time when the amount of reading goes into a huge decline. It usually sucks and then that miraculous book ends up in your hands and suddenly you find yourself out of a reading slump. This cycle comes and goes and is different for everyone.

Now, what happens when you find yourself in a small cycle of devouring book after book with barely taking a breath in between?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day to have come and gone, I find myself in a particular reading rise or boom or whatever you want to call it. I find myself devouring romance book after romance book. To the point where I’ve been neglecting the two books I borrowed from the library. To the point where I seriously don’t want to put my phone down because I tend to only buy romance books as ebooks.

While I am obviously all for reading as much as you can and want, I don’t like that I putting this easy reads (at least for me) before all the other books that I’ve been wanting to read. Especially since I keep looking for new romance books to read once I finish one. I’m also racking up a lot of credit card charges which something that I keep telling myself I’m going to be better about.

On the other hand though, just how we sometimes go through a reading slump, maybe this is a similar situation where I simply need to enjoy these fun and easy reads before diving back into more dense or thought provoking or slightly slower reads. Especially considering that I don’t write reviews for any of the purely romance books (I don’t know why, I just don’t).

Maybe I just need to take my credit card off my iCloud account so the temptation isn’t there?

So, has anyone been in this kind of situation before? Have you ever been down a rabbit hole of sorts of one genre or maybe series where you barely remembered to take care of yourself? I really want to know!!

14 thoughts on “Bookish Thought: Stuck in the Opposite of a Reading Slump

  1. This is currently me right now! Ever since the start of the new year, I have been on a reading frenzy. I can’t say that it’s been with only one genre since I read a couple of contemporaries and a historical fiction paranormal, but I’m loving the fantasies that I’ve read this month. I love this reading binge that I’ve been on, it feels fantastic haha! 🙂

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  2. I find myself in this position often, actually, where I just read book after book – sometimes like 2 books in a single day. Unfortunately, this is often followed by a week long reading slump for me, because I feel like I get a bit burned out (I just dealt with this exact thing about a week ago, and now I’m stuck in a slump where I just can’t finish this book I’m reading, no matter how hard I try). To be honest, sometimes I’m not sure which is worse!

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    • Yes! It’s totally a cycle and I agree I don’t know which feels worse. Though I guess at the end of the day, I’m glad to be reading at all. There’s a chance I’ll end up getting burned out, I wouldn’t be surprised.


  3. I’ve kind of been going through this since the beginning of the year. I’ve been reading a ton, and I have to keep reminding myself to slow down and really take in what I read. I’ve also been trying to pick up other hobbies in between books, just to give myself a breather. It hasn’t been working so well, though!

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  4. I absolutely get what you mean – for the past month or so I’ve been absolutely flying through my books, and I’m not sure if I’m really getting everything out of them that I can. And yup, I really need to stop buying ebooks. It is just so dangerous having that one-click-buy button!

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  5. Totally! I started the year off like that and I felt like I was just binge reading novels. Sadly (or maybe more “life-productively”) it wore off and I’m back to normal reading habits 😦

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  6. I have been- my problem with this is that it usually ends up in my ending up in a slump because I get burnt out (there’s that slump issue again 😉 ) And I do agree with you, once you’re in one of these moods, it’s harder to take things in and I find I end up enjoying them less. And I do the same thing as you which is to pick the quicker, easier things cos I want to keep the momentum going. Such a great discussion- the more I think about it the more I realise how much this can be a problem!!

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  7. Yes! I was once in slump for like years! I am kind of an all or nothing kind of reader. Like 40 books in a month (slight exaggeration maybe), or none. I also read across genres, and I have published books in one specific genre. However, this month is my first venture in Romance (with a c0-author) and I think it rejuvenated me! Sometimes it’s good to jump into something new!

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