One Word Reviews for Recent Reads

Happy May! While I love sweater weather, I am looking forward to the warmer weather ahead. Spring is close to coming a close and before I know it, it’ll be summer!

This week’s TTT topic is about giving short aka one word reviews for recent reads. This should be interesting.

The Books

  • The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty – Lush
  • The City of Dusk by Tara Sim – Moody
  • Wench by Maxine Kaplan – Underwhelming
  • The Wolf in the Whale by Jordana Max Brodsky – Adventurous
  • Confident Women by Tori Telfer – Wild
  • Blessed Monsters by Emily Duncan – Chaotic
  • I hope this find you well by Kate Baer – Authentic
  • Small Favors by Erin Craig – Confusing

It was very hard to come up with just one word to describe these books! I hope choosing the word I did for each gives some insight into what I felt about the book.

What words would you have chosen?

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